ALP 4.0

ALP 4.0

ALP 4.0

The moment has finally come – the Beta family is growing, bringing two new models in the on-off and scrambler sector to the market. Inspired by the historic Alp 4.0, Betamotor technicians have designed and developed two completely new versions of the model. The new Alp 4.0 and Alp X have now arrived!

What is ALP? An icon which is among the most cross-cutting vehicles in the motorcycle world, a simple, intuitive and distinctive bike. At complete ease both on and off the road, it is as suitable for the daily commute as for more demanding journeys. ALP is a reliable and well-made vehicle which is aimed at an enormous user base of different riders, from young A2 licence holders in search of their first bike and returning motorcyclists looking for a simple vehicle with excellent fuel economy, through to women looking for a modern bike which is not excessively tall or heavy and all lovers of light off-road bikes in search of a balanced, fun ride. ALP is the jack-of-all-trades bike and is back with a totally new look!

Like all Beta models, the new ALP bikes also fit into the concept of RideAbility, designed to offer both a great drive and to allow the individual rider to best express their potential and have fun in all situations. The new generation ALP features the previous models' on/off-road versatility, bringing to the field two agile and manageable bikes with specific characteristics to meet different requirements. ALP is therefore not just 4.0, but also X!

A dual choice? Both Alp 4.0 and Alp X are designed to offer the highest levels of rideability on all terrain types, but feature specific aesthetic and functional details given their different intended uses:

Alp 4.0 is aimed at traditionalists linked to the brand's off-road universe. The new Alp 4.0 is an agile, easy-to-ride bike, ideal for anyone who wants to approach the off-road world riding in a fun, low-commitment way. The wrap-around plastic parts, the 18" and 21" wheels and the knobby tyres belong to the off-road world, but do not prevent it from being a manageable bike on urban roads. The footpegs are also carefully designed and fitted with removable rubber covers, in order to guarantee both maximum comfort on the road and maximum grip off it! Alp 4.0 is the perfect adventure bike for a pleasant off-roading weekend.

Alp X is the model without precedent for Beta. It makes the ALP concept its own, bringing it closer to the more modern tastes of those who have rediscovered the world of scramblers. Alp X shares its base components with Alp 4.0, but shifts its character towards the Modern Classic segment with the addition of specific road bike characteristics such as the 17" and 19" wheels with more road-specific tyres, and more tapered plastic parts, enhanced by the round headlight. Alp X exhibits a completely different appeal, becoming the perfect bike for city trips and long-range journeys, while remaining always ready to take on dirt roads along the way. Alp X – like Alp 4.0 – allows convenient pillion riding, thanks to the accommodating saddle and comfortable passenger handles. Alp X is the user-friendly motorbike par excellence.

Alp 4.0 and Alp X share the same technical foundations – let's take a closer look:


The new Alp 4.0 and Alp X models are equipped with a 350cc engine developed in partnership between Betamotor's technicians and those from Tayo Motorcycles. Developed specifically for this project, the new power unit with electronic injection is capable of supplying up to 35 horsepower at 9500 rpm. In order to exploit the full potential and all power available, the engine has been equipped with a six-speed gearbox, offering a maximum speed of over 130 km/h. Thanks to the reduced fuel consumption and 11-litre fuel tank, with 2.3 litre reserve, the new ALP offers an impressive range which allows it to take on even long off-road journeys far from service stations. The engines of the two models differ in their mapping, designed to guarantee the highest possible levels of performance for both models.

Frame and Suspension:

- Frame: the frame of the new ALP bikes is a steel perimeter with the engine slung under it, finished in black. This guarantees simultaneous strength and manageability for the bike, thanks to the frame dimensions developed by Betamotor's technicians, allowing it to work in perfect synergy with the suspension.

- Suspension: both the front fork and rear mono-shock are set up to ensure the greatest possible fun during riding, while maintaining focus on convenience and comfort in the saddle.

- Saddle height: The saddle height is 865 mm for Alp 4.0 and 855 mm for Alp X, guaranteeing good ground contact for both models, helping reinforce the feeling of safety in the saddle both on and off the road, even for less experienced riders. The saddle is extremely comfortable both for the rider and passenger.

- Brakes: both models are equipped with 290 mm disc at the front and 220 mm at the rear, with Nissin brake cylinder and callipers guaranteeing braking power and modulation in all conditions. The standard equipment also includes the BOSCH ABS system. This driving aid is designed to guarantee the highest levels of safety and can be disengaged in the Offroad map, but is re-enabled automatically whenever the bike is restarted in order to avoid the danger of forgetting to reactivate it.

Enablement of the ABS can be conveniently checked via the indicator on the LCD instrumentation, which also provides information on fuel level, range and engaged gear, as well as traditional information such as speedometer readout, tachometer, and partial and total mileometer, all with modern and easy-to-read graphics.

Among the main differences and peculiarities that set the Alp 4.0 and Alp X apart:

- Alp 4.0 is equipped with 18" and 21" wheels and tyres designed more for off-road; Alp X, on the other hand, is equipped with 17" and 19" wheels, once again on spoked wheels, but with tyres more suited to on-road driving, although they retain a profile which will still provide a good off-road riding experience.

- As regards the aesthetics, the two models differ in the form and finish of their superstructures, with Alp X featuring more tapered plastic parts highlighting its Modern Classic style, while those of the Alp 4.0 wrap around more. The Alp X's lines integrate perfectly with the new cutting-edge round LED headlamp, while on the 4.0 version the lighting is provided by a headlight with a more square look, still featuring LED lighting technology. A common feature in terms of the aesthetics is the new low numberplate holder which is not connected to the tail cowl, but rather positioned directly on the rear wheel for a more modern, road-going style.

The range of accessories for the new ALP generation includes handguards, panniers and top case.

Alp 4.0: White; Red
Alp X: Grey; Dark Grey



Max Height 1220 mm
Frame steel perimeter with motor hanging
Wheelbase 1440 mm
Max Length 2200 mm
Max Width 820 mm
Ground Clearance 270 mm
Footrest Height 370 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity 11.0 L 2.3 L Reserve
Front Suspension Hydraulic fork with ø 43 mm shaft
Rear Suspension Monoshock with adjustable spring preload


Type Single-cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, twin overhead camshaft
Bore 84.5 mm
Stroke 62 mm
Displacement 348cc
Starter Electric
Fuel System Elldor electronic injection
Lubrication Forced with pump
Clutch Wet multi-disc clutch
Transmission 6 speed
Engine Oil Sae 5W/40 (1.800cc)