2005 Trials Bikes

Rev-3 2005

Rev-3 2005

Rev-3 2005 - manufactured approx. Sept 04 - Aug 05.

Engine sizes produced 50cc 80cc 125cc 200cc 250cc 270cc

Front mudguard colour - Red

Rear mudguard colour - Silver

Frame - Aluminium Delta box

Forks - Conventional

Water cooled

2005 (FAQ)

Rev-3 2005 -

Engine Oil - 500cc (Light gear oil)

Mini Auto 150cc, Rev-3 50cc 800 to 850cc (Check on oil change)

Fork Oil - LEFT Take out the spring. Fork fully compressed, 120mm air gap at top of fork

RIGHT Fork fully compressed, 60mm air gap at top of fork

Fork Oil Mini 140cc each leg SAE 22

Fork Oil Rev-3 50cc 180cc each leg SAE 5

Fork Oil Rev-3 80cc 220cc each leg SAE 5

Other - Petrol mix 70:1 Semi Synthetic Oil (70cc to 5 litres petrol)

Recommended Spark Plug NGK BP5ES for all bikes except Mini Trial (Champion L78C)

Ign03 05


tech spec

Rev 50

tech spec

Rev 80

tech spec

Rev-3 125

tech spec

Rev-3 200

tech spec

rev-3 250

tech spec

rev-3 270

tech spec
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